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Hard-to-Find Tech Talent

Canada’s tech industry faces a shortage of programmers and other skilled IT professionals – which is expected to rise and supply of skilled tech talent is tight.

The search for talent is extremely competitive where strong software developers are in high demand by many businesses.

Top technology talent are not actively looking and will very rarely apply to a company website or job board.

For technology companies to keep ahead of their competition they must be constantly sourcing, qualifying, and interviewing candidates.

Hiring managers with their standard managerial responsibilities do not have the time or the resources to keep up with specialized technical recruiters like HireSense.

A "Higher Sense" Solution

Our professional technology network (currently 24,000) is built from our past conversations with candidates.

Where our skilled technical recruiters understand the candidate’s motivations, technical skills, and past job experience.

We look to learn what position will best leverage their experience and technical skill set and help grow their career. These are passive candidates who need to be pitched on roles and have the right opportunity gap demonstrated in order to make a move.

We leverage our large network, technology knowledge, industry experience, and market tested recruiting skill set to identify and interview passive candidates who would otherwise not know about the opportunity.

Access Full Range of Software Development Talent:

Events & Networking

HireSense is continually working to secure connections and grow our technology network through hosting events at Lighthouse Labs, volunteering with #TechTO & #SalesTO or attending technology events.

Each month HireTech in partnership with Lighthouse Labs and HireSense will aim to give the Toronto Tech Development Community informative networking events.

HireTECH Meetup Events at Lighthouse Labs are for people who want to learn how software products are built and development skill technology companies are searching for when hiring. It’s also a way to engage the amazing developers who are passionate about mentoring and growing the tech community in Toronto.

Get Started Finding Top Talent Today

If you are interested in increasing your internal talent pool, we will identify, evaluate, engage and present targeted, passive top talent.